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Complete name: Mauricio González Zavala "Zatan"



Favorite bands: Emperor, Morbid Angel, Death, Immortal, Old Man's Child, Cryptopsy, Gholem

Favorite records: All From Emperor, Human, Symbolic, The Sound Of Perseverance (Death), Live At UK (Morbid Angel), And Then You'll Beg (Cryptopsy), Virtuoso (Joe Pass), Lack Of Balance (Gholem), V, Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Symphony X), El Instrumento Del Diablo (Tartinni)

Favorite Songs: Canciones favoritas: With Strenght I Burn (Emperor), Rapture (Morbid Angel), One By One, Solar Fall (Morbid Angel), Cristal Mountain (Death), Nail To The Guns (FIght), Made In Hell (Halford), Kill The Lambs, Excalibur, Another Spruck To The Machine, Labrynt Spiral Ornament, Silent Knight (Gholem), Metropolis Pt. 1 (Dream Theater), Dead Knight Warrior ( CHildren Of Bodom)

Best concert: Emperor and Peccatum July 24th Mexico City "The Kings of Terror Tour"

Favorite meal: Canelones, Pizza, Teriyaqui, Sushi, Tacos al Pastor, Carnitas, Barbacoa, Pollo Rostizado, Cerelac

Favorite drink: Red Wine, Whisky, Lemon Water, Beer, Choco Milk, Tequila, Power Ade

Favorite books: El Tesoro Del Hechicero, El Libro Negro, Ana Karenina, Farenheit, El Arte de la Guerra, Dracula, Holocausto, Aztec, Esplendor del México Antiguo, El Principe, Mi Lucha, Novela de la Revolución

Favorite movies: La Última Tentación de Cristo, Dracula, The Red Violin, Gladiator, Tornado, Lo Blanco y Lo Negro, Bossa Nova, Der Golem, Nosferatu (clásica), My Left Foot, The Exorcist, Leyends Of The Fall, and the best; The Film Of Life......  ¡Serious!!!

Influences: Trey Azagtoth, Isahn, Marty Friedman, Glen Tipton, Galder, Joe Pass, Giuseppe Tartinni, Pagannini

Bands: Shadow, Mortum, Ephitaph, Exhort, Gholem

Project: Solo recording (in process)

Best man: Me!!!, serious!!!

Best woman: The love of my life and actual mate Jocelyn Sevilla

Codename: Cabo Le Cabe